Hi! I am Daniel! I find very interesting deals from major official Canadian distributors. DanGiftShopOne is my company. I do it as an interesting hobby, a real-world business game. I earn something extra with it, talk to people, it's Fun!
I am my own Brand!
Who knows maybe in 10 years DanGiftShopOne will be a big company.
But now I am very happy of being just myself! I have several high-tech businesses in software development and sales.

The key here is I am a 1 man shop and you deal directly with me all the time! So you know who is behind this web site and that whatever I promised here I stand behind it. I manually process your order.

Price is negotiable.

Chat with me for a deal.
Tell me for how much you want to buy it today.


Don't be afraid to chat with me. I am an easy guy to talk to!

Scroll down for the product you are looking for.

Welcome to my Gift Shop! Proof that I sell genuine software. Introduction Videos.

Buy from me! I am much better than Amazon, Ebay!

Price is Negotiable, but not $10.   Tell me your budget, I'll send you a link to buy it if I makes sense to me. Chat with me, I'll make you a deal.

Demo: Pure CSS3 Gradient Dropdown Menu (No Image Used)

Buy Brand NEW Kanto YU2 Desktop Speakers!
I bought one of these for myself as well and I love them!

Just plug into USB and that's it!
Thanks to a built-in high-quality USB Digital to Analog converter!
Work flawlessly on Mac and Windows!

Small size perfect fit for desktop. 3" Driver
Yet 50 Watt of power!
Plug a standard 3.5mm wire to a smartphone.
Plug a subwoofer into them too.
Multiple colors. I prefer Bamboo!
The quality of sound is very high.
The sound stange is so good, I don't notice the source of sound.
$185 USD.

Buy Seabuckthorn Puree 1 bottle - 355ml!
God sent nurturing and healthiest food on the planet!

It's a phenomenal berry that contains so many health improving nutrients that I just couldn't resist reselling it.
It's produced in Manitoba Canada. It's a nectar.
I add it into salads, potatoes, rice, bakery. It's rich in Vitamin C, and many other nutrients. If I get a bit sick, I consume more of it and it brings me back to life.
People testify that their health improves after it, their hair and nails get better, their thinking clearer.
Price is for 1 bottle without shipping. Please confirm your paypal address to me after your order, because often it is not complete even if it's confirmed.
If you need more than 1, chat with me. If the shipping will be more expensive, I will ask for extra payment.
Buy it while I sell it. It will help you a lot. 
If you are in Montreal, chat with me, you can pick it up from me and buy for CAD.
$30 USD.

Activation Guaranteed.

Everybody who bought from me is happy! Many came back for more.

These are the most reliable keys one can buy.

If so it happens that it will not activate, accidents do happen, don't worry, I can get a new key or if we can't then I'll return your money. I am not doing all this to steal from you, I earn more than enough through my primary businesses, and this is not making me millions either. I was selling my own software since 2000, nothing freaks me out.
This is just a hobby, interesting deals and interaction with people. I saw good licenses that nobody can sell properly and I decided to sell them. It makes me happy :)

But if you are so afraid of everything and think that everybody is trying to get you or steal from you, then don't buy anything from anybody ever. It's you who is wrong, not others. Honestly, it's just a miserable way to live a life, and it's very annoying to me.

You know, we are not killing people, we are just trying to live our lives within our budgets.

My job is well defined: I sell and I deliver. I delivered to everybody I sold to. If you don't trust me, it's in your head, not mine, and it's you who is wrong. I shouldn't feel guilty just because you feel some stupid nonsense. I sell and I deliver. That's it.

You have to understand, it's absolutely impossible for me to sell you something that doesn't genuinely activate, because immediately you will open dispute, file a chargeback and it blocks that amount, costs me a penalty and annoys me. Everybody will do it. It's just a totally useless strategy that will never work. Maybe you don't see it, because it's not you who sells, but I see it very clearly and that's why I almost nag my customers to confirm successful activation. 
It's the key to my business. I get rid of suppliers whose keys don't activate flawlessly. That's it. This is very serious for me and they know it. Otherwise it's a road nowhere.

I am more worried about my clients doing credit card fraud on me. I check the transactions manually and if I suspect something, I just refund them. I don't need any trouble whatsoever.

Chat with me directly, I will make you a good deal for you and your business, you will come back and buy some more! That's my goal.

If you do not believe me, do not deal with me. The whole world is not after your money.
I actually have a life to live.  Also, this business will not be here forever.

Buy it while I still sell it.

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My customers say:

I helped Adam with Adobe purchase on Jan 4, 2019:
thanks a million
top customer service on the web by a long shot

I helped Janet with Adobe on Jan 3, 2019:
You are a jewel.

Jon came back and bought Windows 10 Pro to updrade from Home on Oct 17, 2018:
Cool. Easiest transaction around!
Beautiful! Upgrade in process!

I helped Janet activate Adobe Master Collection on July 19, 2018:
I would like to thank you for essentially holding my hand while I changed computers and upgraded software. I don’t think I have ever had anyone provide the service you have and always keeping me headed in the right direction.
I will definitely use you to purchase any software I may need in the future and will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.
I have your contact info on “SpeedEmail” lol.

Vipin came back and bought Office 2016 on Jul 20, 2018:
Office 16 Pro is downloaded, installed & activated with the Key.

Gemma activated Project Pro on May 29, 2018:
All downloaded and activated successfully!
Thanks very much

Dan came back and bought Office 2016 on March 4, 2018:
I thought I had notified you that this installed okay, but when I look back now, I don't see the message. It's probably because I had a series of computer problems. It installed successfully a couple of times, but the computer failed and I had to uninstall it a couple of times. Finally, I have a computer that will last, and installed and activated Office 2016 yesterday.
Thank you for your work.

Jon came back and bought Windows Server on Feb 4, 2018:
Activated fine Dan.
Thanks again, excellent service and price!

Daniel came back and bought Windows 7 Pro on Feb 2, 2018:
Hi Dan,
Thank you for the fast response and download link. As always you rock, I am working on a broken system that updated to Windows 10 when it shouldn’t have..lol, take care and thank you.

Des activate Acrobat on Jan 21, 201:
Thank you so much for sending that through as I was able to have Adobe re-installed.

I replaced a key of Acrobat for Stephen on Jan 20, 2018:
That appears to have worked.

George came back and bougth Office 2016 on Jan 15, 2017:
Hi Dan: Just activated Office Pro 2016! It is great, and thank you very much Dan for all your help. And you made it affordable. Best Regards, George

George commented on Windows 10 Pro on Jan 13, 2017:
Thank you Dan for the Windows 10 Pro. Very Happy, it installed and activated well!!!!
Appreciate what you are doing to make MS affordable!!! George

Byron activate 2 Office 2016 on Dec 11, 2017:
Both license are activated and working. THANKS!

I helped Diane activate Office 2016 on Nov 29, 2017:
You are my hero! Thank you!

John came back and bought Office 2013 on Nov 17, 2017:
Dan. Office 2013 Pro installed fine. Thank you again.

Moara activated Visio 2013 on Nov 16, 2017:
Hello, Dan. It worked well. Thank you very much.

John came back and bought Office 2010 on Nov 16, 2017:
Dan, This is my 3rd order of software and it installed flawlessly. Thank you. I will return.

Ryan came back and bought Office 2013 on Oct 14, 2017:
Just wanted to let you know Office activated great as usual

Steve reinstalled Office 2016 on Aug 20, 2017:
I've purchased software from you several times over the past few years.
In all case the prices were reasonable, the logins were emailed to me promptly and the installations worked flawlessly.
Recently I upgraded my computer and had to erase my primary hard drive.
In doing that I erased the software I'd purchased from you over a year ago.
I appreciate the speed with which you helped me out to reload the software.
You've been a real pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to get quality software at a reasonable price.

Mike bought Office 2016 on July 20, 2017:
Everything looks good so far. Have not unzipped access yet, but office was activated and accepted.

Steve came back and bought Visual Studio 2017 on July 16, 2017:
It installed and activated perfectly.

Robb came back and bought Windows 10 Ent on June 15, 2017:
win 10ENT activated fine as always.. Thank You

Charles came back and bought Office 2016 on June 6, 2017:
This Office 2016 installed and activated fine.

James activated Windows 10 Pro on May 28, 2017:
Heya Daniel-
Thanks so much.

Gavin came back and bought Windows 10 Pro on May 23, 2017:
Hi Daniel! I purchased SQL Server from you back in October, and I'm extremely happy with it. I've told close to 20 people at work that they need to be checking out your site before they buy software, too.
Thanks so much for being such a great source for software!

Aaron came back and bought Office 2016 on May 22, 2017:
Key has been applied successfully. Thanks again.

Michael activated Office and Acrobat for Mac on May 17, 2017:
I have activated Microsoft Office and Adobe. They both seem to work just fine.
Thank you once again, I really appreciate this!

Aaron came back and activated Windows 10 on May 17, 2017:
Upgrade was successful, and windows is activated using the key you provided. Thanks.

Kevin came back for more on May 15, 2017. I connected remotely to help him install it:
Second purchase from Dan and his services just keep getting better, was in the market for software.
Chatted with Dan and did not have to hunt any further, transaction went smooth, hit a small bump with install chatted with Dan set a time and promptly he was there and professionally he resolved the glitch.
once again thank you Daniel.

Outstanding customer service....Period

Ari activated Windows 10 Enterprise on May 6, 2017. I helped him:
Hey Daniel,
Everything is working great. I just wanted to thank you. I will buy from you again and will direct business your way when I know someone in need of MS products.

Alex activated Windows 7 Ultimate on May 6, 2017:
I got it, Activation was Successful. Windows is Activated. Took barely 3 seconds to confirm that key.

Jerry activated Windows 10 Pro on May 1, 2017:
Activated and up and running.

Aaron activated 2x Windows 10 Pro on Apr 27, 2017. I helped him upgrade from Home to Pro:
Yeah that worked. Thanks for the awesome support. I have recommended you to several people.

Charlotte activated Office on Apr 26, 2017. She asked me to connect remotely to install it for her:
thanks mate
really appreciate the service

John activated Office on Apr 25, 2017:
Daniel. Office Pro 2010 x64 is activated and running fine as of 7:10 PM EST.
Thank you again for all your support.

Harry came back and bought Acrobat on Apr 24, 2017:
Hey Dan,
It accepted the key and installation went fine.
Afterwards it asked me to login into adobe account to activate the product.
I used my adobe id to login and product activated for all users.

Dean activated Windows 10 Pro on Apr 23, 2017:
Windows activated perfectly. You saved me a ton of time and money.
Thanks a million!

Robert came back and bought one more Office 2013 on Apr 20, 2017:
Thanks Dan activated great as always...

Scott activated Visual Studio on Apr 10, 2017:
Scott: how do I know this is legit and do I have any guarantees on my money or CC fraud?
Daniel: You see the credit card fraud is actually my concern, because in a case of chargeback I pay extra $25 on top of refunding.
So it absolutely doesn't make sense to me to do it. On top of that they will ban my credit card processing account if there will be fraud in it. So I refund just on a suspicion of fraud.
If your key will not work, I will refund you.
Scott:gotcha, alright i'm trying the link again
after I emailed all the info:
Looks like it has installed perfectly! Thanks Dan!

Gerald activated Visual Studio almost a year after the purchase on Apr 08, 2017:
I am extremely happy with your rapid response!
I will do more business with you and will pass the word.

Rey bought Windows 10 Pro on Mar 23, 2017:
Howdy Daniel.
Product activated – screen shot attached.

Richard bought Visual Studio on Mar 22, 2017:
Hi Daniel:
Installation went very smoothly as did submitting the product key and activating VS 2017 Pro.
Thanks for being there when I need affordable software development tools.

Steve bought Visual Studio on Mar 5, 2017:
I have downloaded and installed VS 2015. The Product Key seems to have worked just fine.

Kevin bought Visio Pro 2016 on Mar 4, 2017:
Thank you Dan.
Software purchase went smooth and timely just as advertised, the price negotiation and authenticity were also just as advertised. Your site has been added to my favorites and before I look at ANYONE of my regular online shopping sites, I will look at yours and or drop you a line.
Great humanitarian hobby you have, I wish you continued Blessings in all your endeavors.
KPA, 1st time satisfied customer.
Please continue to have a Blessed Day

Jon came back and bought Windows 10 Pro on Jan 24, 2017. I helped him upgrade from Windows 10 Home:
Worked like a charm! Thank you!

Cliff came back and bought more Windows licenses on Jan 12, 2017:
you're a TRUE lifesaver
and i mean it
over the past two years
you saved me and my job a ton of money
and me personally, a ton of headaches
being in IT is never easy and very stressful
but with your support, it's very bareable

Pierre came back and activated Acrobat DC Standard on Dec 19, 2016:
Hello Dan- Just wanted to let you know that this installed successfully.

Jon came back and bought Windows 10 Pro 32 bit on Dec 15, 2016:
Thanks for the complete I do and excellent transaction!

Cliff came back and bought 3x Acrobat DC Pro on Dec 14, 2016:
All of them worked.
Thanks bro.

Berlin came back and bought Master Collection CS6 on Dec 6, 2016:
Activated Successfully! Thanks!

Nate activated Windows 8.1 Pro on Nov 26, 2016:
Thanks Dan, all is working well!

Cliff came back and bought Windows 8.1 Pro on Nov 22, 2016:
We’re good. Thanks, brother. Always a lifesaver

Berlin came back and bought Windows 7 Pro, Ultimate and Office 2013 on Nov 21, 2016:
Everything activated perfectly Thanks again as always great service!

Denny bought Windows 10 Pro to upgrade from Home on Nov 18, 2016:
Awesome! Worked like a charm and activated successfully!
Thank you Daniel! Looking forward to buying more from you in the future!
Have a good weekend!

Charlie bought Windows 8.1 on Oct 31, 2016:
This one worked Daniel - all set - appreciate your help.

Chris bought Office 2013 on Oct 29, 2016:
All is good, checked all the apps and performed the updates.
Working like a charm as expected.

Jim bought Office 2016 on Oct 25, 2016:
I did use the activation this morning and everything is working. Thanks again.

Simon bought Office 2016 for Macon Oct 29, 2016:
That is outstanding. I can't thank you enough. All installed and looking good so far!
thanks so much.
Kind regards,

Emmanuel bought Office 2016 on Oct 27, 2016:
Hi Dan,
I successfully activated ms office 2016 64bit on my laptop.

Jim bought Office 2016 on Oct 25, 2016:
I did use the activation this morning and everything is working. Thanks again.

Jeff came back and bought SQL Server 2016 on Oct 11, 2016:
Seems to have worked. Thanks again.

Gavin bought SQL Server 2014 on Oct 01, 2016:
Hi Dan,
I just wanted to follow-up to say 'Thanks' for such a great deal and a smooth transaction. Everything installed/registered perfectly!
I'll be sure to reach back out to you as soon as I have more software needs.

Chase came back and bought Windows 10 Pro on Oct 01, 2016:
Thanks very much for the win10 at a great price. Take care Daniel

Frank came back and bought 1 more Windows Server 2008 on Sept 29, 2016:
Yepp, it activated.

John came back and bought 2 more Visual Studio on Sept 28, 2016:
Hi Dan : Both installed and activated no problem.

Miki activated Office and Project Pro 2016 on Sept 15, 2016:
I was looking for solutions for our tight budget needs for our little business that we are about to get off the ground from an unfortunate family event of losing our father.
Nevertheless I searched and found a website that I really liked how it spoke to me and my needs.
And my needs became Dan's needs and that in essence is the prefect business relationship for Daniel to earn my business and help my business.
I highly recommend DanGiftShop, the commucnations, the instructions and the programs installed flawlessly.
Will be back soon for more. Could not be more happier.
Thank you Daniel for the ability to provide for people.
Kindest regards,
Miki from California.

Rob from News Zealand activated Acrobat DC Pro on Sept 25, 2016:
Hi Dan, thanks for the activation key, the software has successfully downloaded.
All the best and thanks again for the great service.

Anne activated Production Premium CS6 on Sept 16, 2016:
Hi Daniel
Just letting you know that our Production Premium CS6 is installed and working nicely. Thanks again.

Czeslaw activated Office 2013 and Access on Sept 14, 2016:
Both activated successfully
Thank you

Frank activated Windows 2008 Server on August 26, 2016:
It activated just fine.

Rich activated Office and Acrobat on August 24, 2016:
Everything installed fantastic, and I thank you very much. I will definitely refer you to others and good luck with your business
Warmest regards,

Nora came back on August 09, 2016:
I love that there are people like you that can provide legit softwares at affordable pricing for people on limited budget. Great Job!!

Daniel came back and bought Adobe Illlustrator on August 09, 2016:
I am so happy that your back up again, dropped by to look at Adobe Illustrator CS6, after looking, I purchased it. I have been very happy with all my purchases that I have made from you, very honest prices and very good deals. Was worried when you were off the web for that little time building a new site, again glad you're back.

Sri came back and bought Visual Studio and Office on August 08, 2016:
Hi Daniel, Both the keys worked great, thank you very much.

Peter activated Windows Server on August 06, 2016:
Hi Daniel
Thank You so much for your swift reply :) Surely a service to tell about to my many friends :)
it worked like a charm. Thank You again Daniel. You saved my day (or night at the moment ;) )

Paul activated Production Premium CS6 on July 24, 2016:
Thank you. It works.
Much appreciated.
Have a blessed week.

Tony came back and bought Office 2016 for Mac on July 24, 2016:
Hi Dan,
Installed the software last night without a hitch. Everything is working great. Thanks again!

Carmelo bought 2x Acrobat DC Pro and Visio Pro 2010 on July 24, 2016:
You came highly recommended. Talk to you soon.
I installed Visio on both PCs without issue.
The 2nd key of DC Pro worked.
Thank you so much. My wife and I are very pleased!

Scott bought Visual Studio on July 20, 2016:
Hi Dan Everything is good. Thanks, Scott

Tony bought Windows 10 Pro and Office 2016 on July 14, 2016:
All looks good so far.
I’ll let you know if any issues arise but both Windows and Office seem to be working fine.
Thank you. I build PCs all the time so I’ll contact you again soon.

Richard bought Visual Studio on July 12, 2016:
Thanks Dan,
I downloaded the file and I have the key. So I think I am all set.
Thanks so much.

Lila bought Office 2013 on July 6, 2016:

Arunabh from India bought Windows 8.1 Pro on June 17, 2016:
Hi Daniel,
The OS installed like a charm and guess what, after installation I checked the product settings which said that windows is activated.
Thanks a million for providing me genuine software at such a reasonable price. I really appreciate your one-on-one chat and it helped me decide.
I've just opened my startup and will definitely come back to you for all my software needs.
Thanks again!!

Best Regards,

Joel came back and bought Acrobat DC Pro on June 10, 2016:
Hi Dan,
Everything appears OK. Installed and activated without a hitch.
Nice job.

Paula bought Office 2013 on May 15, 2016:
Seems to be working fine! Thanks so much! Sorry to be skeptical, but I have been burned in the past...
Kudos to you!

Jon reinstalled Windows 2012 R2 Essentials on May 7, 2016. I replaced the key:
All working now. Excellent as ever.

Randy bought Office 2013 Pro Plus on May 7, 2016:
Thanks Daniel. I can say without hyperbole that texting with you is 1,000,000 times before than calling Microsoft three times!
It's a good price and the human touch is most welcome. Thanks for the help on a Saturday!

Gerard bought Office for Mac on May 5, 2016:
I confirm that i have installed Office on 2 individual Macs. All seems to works well. Thanks Daniel.

Joel bought Visual Studio Pro 2015 on Apr 13, 2016:
Hi Daniel,
Product downloaded, installed, activated and operational.
Thanks again, very nice job!

Richard bought Visual Studio Pro 2015 on Apr 12, 2016:
Visual Studio 15 Professional is on my workstation now. I entered the product key also and it was accepted with no problems.
...So, looks like I'm good to go for now. Thanks for your help on this and a reasonable
price for a small outfit with not-so-deep pockets. I'll definitely buy from you again.

Janice came back and bought Office 2016 on Apr 10, 2016:
Hi Dan,
I have just completed the install for these programs and the activation keys worked fine.
Thank you!

Kevin bought Windows Server 2012 R2 on Apr 8, 2016:
Activation successful! Thank you very much! :-)
I will definitely be sending people who need software your way, if that's okay - I very much appreciate your service.

Steve came back and bought Office 2016 on Mar 25, 2016:
Worked just fine. Same as last time.
Thanks again. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Judith bought Production Premium CS6 on Mar 22, 2016:
Installation went smoothly

Thomas bought Windows Server Essentials on Mar 7, 2016:
Hi, system was activated so everything is ok

Chris activated Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate on Mar 3, 2016:
Activated successfully.
Sorry for the long delay.

Alina from Australia bougth Office 2016 for Mac on Feb 26, 2016:
Thanks so much for the quick response - both with Chat and the email with the instal instructions, as I was keen to write up a report in word for work! The installation worked perfectly and I am now using it-Miscrosft have made some nice improvements I will recommend you to my friends

Duane came back and bought Project, Visio and Office Pro 2016 on Feb 26, 2016:
Hi Daniel,
All of the downloads and activations went according to plan. Each key worked for each major piece of software. Thanks a bunch!

Roy from Holland activated Office 2016 Pro Plus Dutch on Oct 30, 2015:
[12:30] Roy : Hey daniel, it all worked out ;)
[12:30] Daniel has joined the conversation.
[12:30] Daniel : Hi Roy! Excellent!
[12:30] Daniel : Congratulations! :)
[12:30] Roy : Crazy odd shop :p
[12:30] Daniel : :)
[12:30] Daniel : Well, they can't all be the same.
[12:31] Daniel : I like my way :)
[12:31] Roy : Hey it worked and i thank you :)
[12:31] Daniel : You're Welcome! :)

Oscar from Mexico activated Visio Pro 2016 on Oct 27, 2015:
Hi Daniel
I confirm the correct activation of the product, no problems.
Thank you!

Joy-Ann activated Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on Oct 27, 2015:
Hi Dan,
This key worked

John activated Office 2016 on Oct 18, 2015:
Activated, thanks

Janice activated Project Pro 2010 on Oct 19, 2015:
Thanks Dan. The product key has been added.

Starla bought Office 2010 Pro Plus on Oct 15, 2015:
My father-in-law didn’t realize he bought the Office 365 subscription product until it was time for renewal.
He didn’t want to renew so I started searching all of the blogs for help because we were afraid he would be unable to edit his documents. I saw Daniel mentioned in one of the blogs and went to his site. He chatted with me and helped us to uninstall and purchase a new product.
All in less than 1 hour!
Daniel is great and I highly recommend his site and products.
I will definitely use him again and make sure my work does also for our software needs!
Thank you again Daniel!

Jeff came back and bought 2nd Office 2016 Pro Plus on Oct 9, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
Once again the installation and activation went flawlessly.

Jeff activated Office 2016 Pro Plus on Oct 8, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
The installation and activation went without a hitch.

Excellent! High-five on that! :)

Henry activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on Sept 28, 2015:
Thank you Dan, it's work perfect. Thank you soo much. You really save me a lot of money.

Pat activated Adobe Design and Web Premium CS6 for Mac on Sept 27, 2015:
Your reputation is secure. Installed and activated first try.

Gary activated Office 2016 Pro Plus on Sept 26, 2015:
Activated it. No problems thanks

Melik from LA activated Adobe CS6 Production Premium for Mac on Sept 18, 2015:

Hello Daniel,

I'm up and running! I successfully installed and activated the entire Adobe CS6 Production Premium suite. Amazing! Thank you so much. I am SO grateful I discovered you and decided to buy from you. It still seems too good to be true but I'm working on fully, legitimately registered Adobe apps...for about a third of the price of the consumer price!!

You're a great resource for REAL software at deep discounts. You have one very happy customer here in Los Angeles. I will come back for other software requests for sure and will mention you to anyone I know who needs similar apps. Thanks again and take care.


Philip activated 1x Office 2013 on Sept 15, 2015:
It works!
Thanks very much!
I will refer others to your site.

Bon Jour!

Cliff activated 5x Office 2013 Pro Plus and 3x Windows 8.1 Pro on Sept 3, 2015:
Codes worked. Thx.

Dean activated Office 2013 on Aug 27, 2015 and came back to buy 2 more:
This activated okay!

Matt activated Windows 10 Home on Aug 20, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
I just activated my copy of Windows 10 Home. Thank you sir!

Jon came back and bought Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on Aug 20, 2015:
Great stuff Dan,
Another successful activation!

Ryan activated Windows 7 Ultimate on Aug 18, 2015:
Hello Daniel:
This product code activated properly.
Thanks for the great service,

Matt activated Office 2013 on Aug 16, 2015:
Got it. Everything's working like a charm. I'll get back to you when I know what version of VS I'm going to need.Thanks again!!

Kathy activated Office 2013 on Aug 16, 2015:
Worked like a charm!
Everything downloaded and started up fine. When I went to activate it, the link says "Change Product Key" (just in case you have someone picky about the wording.)

Robb activated Windows 10 Enterprise on Aug 16, 2015:
thanx Dan it actived fine

Scott activated Office Pro Plus 2013 on Aug 13, 2015:
It is activated thanks

Bobby activated Windows 10 Pro, Office Pro Plus 2013, Visual Studio 2015 Pro on Aug 12, 2015:
All installed. Product keys successfully applied. Ready for my new dev project!

Sherry activated Project Pro 2013 on Aug 10, 2015:
Everything seems to be working OK. Thanks for your help and super fast response. Have a good week.

Kris activated Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials on Aug 04, 2015:
Winner! Winner!
Thank you Dan for the quick reply and solution!
We are active and adding your site as our goto for software purchases!
Thanks - Kris

Bruce activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on July 22, 2015:
My Office2013 Pro Plus is now activated and working fine.
Thanks for all your help.

Kuok from Singapore activated Windows 7 Enterprise on July 19, 2015:
I have activated Windows 7 Enterprise successfully.

Jon activated 3x Windows 7 Pro on July 15, 2015:
All 3 are successful activations, cheers

Jon activated Windows 2012 R2 Essentials on July 14, 2015:
All working, cheers Dan!

Chris has rated the chat Good on July 14, 2015:
Chris commented: "I have purchased several item and I am totally pleased

Duane activated Visio Pro 2013 on July 13, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
I loaded MS Visio Pro 2013 and ran it but it locked up before I could enter key. Uninstalled and reinstalled it and it ran perfectly. I am very happy.
Too bad that you are not an authorized dealer for AutoCAD and Solidworks, as well. Take care.

Rick activated Office 2013 on July 9, 2015:
Activation worked. Thanks!

Stefan activated Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on July 6, 2015:
The key worked very well! Thanks for the trade. I may come back with a larger order

Josh activated Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on July 8, 2015. 1st key didn't work, I replaced it:
That one worked.
Thank you!!!

Bob activated Visual Studio 2013 Pro on July 9, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
If it says "License: Product key applied" after plugging in the key, I presume it's permanent, yes?
If so - I'm in business - thank you again!

Hong activated Windows 7 Pro on July 5, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the key. I have installed and activated it.

Dennis activated Windows 8.1 Pro on July 5, 2015:
Installed and activated fine. Thanks =)

Pierre came back and bought Actobat XI Standard for Windows on June 30, 2015:
Thanks! It’s activated.
Thank you!

Michael activated Visual Studio 2013 Pro on June 30, 2015:
Activation successful.
Thank you!

Tim activated Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate on June 30, 2015:
Dear Dan;
I spent a portion of the day downloading; extracting and installing Visual Studios, but I was done in an hour and a half; thank you so much; I've activated the software. I found your name at Amazon.com and will probably want to keep in touch with you for future purchases of your excellent software
Thank you
Yours Sincerely

Duane activated Project Pro 2013 on June 28, 2015:
MS Project Professional 2013 downloaded, activated, and ran just like it is supposed to. Very happy. Thanks. I may be looking for a deal on the Visio 2013.

Hasan from Turkey activated Project Pro 2013 on June 28, 2015:
Downloaded and activated. Working.

Jack activated Adobe Illustrator CS6 on June 24, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
Download, installation, and activation were a breeze. Up and running perfectly.
Thank you,

Leon activated Office Pro Plus 2013 on June 22, 2015:
Install and activation went fine. Thanks

Jim activated Lightroom 6 for Mac on June 21, 2015:
Hi Dan,
I have downloaded and installed Lightroom 6 with the activation key and it looks like it is working perfectly.
Thank you.

Adisha activated Office Pro Plus 2013 on June 20, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
It worked well and thank you so much!!
I want to let you know I may need your best pricing for my relatives also which I will pass on your information. Please ensure that you do your best.

Ron activated Visio Pro 2013 on June 20, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
The 32-bit version loaded very easily and works well.

Jerry activated Windows 7 Pro on June 10, 2015:
Thank you, Dan.
I have gotten my computer back to running again.

Mark activated Visual Studio Pro 2013 on June 9, 2015:
- I just want you to know my activation code worked! I am the guy that burned an image on to DVD to load off network. thanks for the quality
- Excellent! Remind me which software was it
- MS Visual Studio PRO 2013!
about two weeks ago
- Ah, right! Congratulations!

Danny activated Project Pro and Visio Pro 2013 on June 4, 2015:
MS project has installed and activated....
Visio is working and activated.....Thanks for the great service...

Vinod activated SQL Server 2014 Enterprise on June 4, 2015:
Key got activated
thank you so much

Cliff came back and bought Windows 8.1 Pro on May 29, 2015:
Worked like a charm.
Thanks, bro.

Shayne activated System Center 2012 R2 on May 25, 2015:
Activated without a problem. Surprised at how fast you got this seeing you didn't know what it was when I asked about it.
Now you even list it in you store.
Very happy customer here.

Mark activated Exchange Server 2010 on May 24, 2015:
Hi Dan,
This key worked.
Thank you,

Rob activated Project Pro 2013 on May 24, 2015:
Hi Daniel
Thanks for sending the link and key. I’ve since installed and activated the software and all seems fine :)
Thanks for the great service, will sure to be in touch if I need more software.
All the best

Dinesh activated Visio Pro 2013 on May 24, 2015:
Successful installation and activation complete!
Not sure how you do this... but this is genius!
Thanks for doing this!

Jack activated Visio Pro 2010 on May 17, 2015:
Jack: Hi Daniel... there is easy and then there is ridiculously easy. That has to be the easiest Microsoft installation I have ever done! I don't have time to play with it now, but it came up just fine.
Thank you very much... excellent, excellent!
Daniel: Great! Thank you very much! :)
Jack: I will be back...
Jack: may actually buy another license for the laptop
anyhow... thanks again
Daniel: Sounds good! You will be welcome :) Cheers!

Kevin activated Visio Pro 2013 on May 12, 2015:
Slam dunk Dan that worked great and activated as it should.
Thank you again

A comment from Carl from Norway on May 2, 2015:
Your website is awesome. As a student I really enjoy what I see – I just found out that standard price for Visual Studio Ultimate is over 8000 USD, which for a student like me, is just too much.
I will wait until Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 is released on your page, then I will buy it. :)
Please never stop doing what you do.
Thank you very much Carl!

M. couldn't figure out how to install Office and didn't believe I could help, I refunded on May 10, 2015:
Dan: Confirm that you will not use the product key, and I will refund you.
M.: I confirm that I will not use the product key

My comments: I refunded. Honestly guys, if you are computer illiterate and at the same time don't cooperate or trust me, freak out, can't even unzip a file yet think you know everything, just don't buy anything from me at all.
I am not a magician! This is software and it requires basic computer literacy. In order for me to help you, you have to cooperate and trust, not just demand miracles like a spoiled childish imbecile.
And trust me, every seller thinks that, even if they don't speak up. I am just tired of this bullying. If you will not cooperate with me, don't buy from me.

Anmol came back and bought Office 2013 on Apr 28, 2015. He was the one who asked me to get a version that activates on Windows Terminal Servers:
It work great.
Thanks Dan.
Take Care.

Johann from Iceland activated LightRoom 6 on May 2, 2015:
I was able to download after changing region. Then activation worked ok

Scott came back and bought Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on Apr 22, 2015:
The new key worked. Thank you for your quick response and resolution. :)

James bought 3x Office Pro 2013 on Apr 24, 2015:
All 3 license keys for Office 2013 Professional activated successfully. Thanks for the great price and customer service.

Jonh bought Project Pro 2013 on Apr 24, 2015:
Thanks Daniel, it activated perfectly!

Tom came back and bought Office 2010 Pro Plus on Apr 22, 2015:
I just activated the 32-bit version - thanks!

Anand activated all keys for his business on Apr 10, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
Apologies for the delay, but I want to confirm that the following keys worked and activated without any issues:
5 x Adobe Design and Web Suite
1 x Adobe Master Collection
3 x Office 2013 Pro plus
Thank you so much for all your help, we will be back when we need more software from you :)
Best regards,

Jim activated Photoshop CS6 Extended on Apr 07, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
I have downloaded and installed Photoshop CS6 Extended successfully.
Thank you very much.

Larry activated Office 2010 Pro Plus on Apr 05, 2015:
Office downloaded quickly, and installed and activated without a hitch.
I did check the status using cscript ospp.vbs / dstatus. Office shows as retail and licensed.

Paull activated Windows 7 Pro on Apr 04, 2015:
...the validation went smoothly with the key that was provided
It is was a pleasure to do business with you!

Uwe activated Project Pro 2013 on Apr 02, 2015:
everything is fine!

Joan activated SQL Server 2014 Enterprise on Mar 28, 2015:
It worked.
Thank you!

Anand from India activated 6x Windows 8.1 Pro on Mar 28, 2015. I connected remotely to help him a bit:
Hallelujah! That worked!
Will get back to you soon for the rest. You sir, are a star!
Glad I found your shop!
Thanks so much :)

Dan activated Visio Pro 2013 on Mar 24, 2015:
A+ for you and your site!
Thank you Daniel for offering affordable software. You are easy to talk to and very fast at replying. I know if there were any issues that you were ready to help fix them just by the way you chatted with me online.
Key is fine and Visio Pro 2013 software is great. Thanks again!!

Mahir activated Windows 7 Pro on Mar 23, 2015:
I was able to activate it.

Brandon bought Visual Studio Pro 2013 on Mar 23, 2015:
cool deal; it's great what you do here
got it put the key in and it worked!
have a great day! I'll send my friends your way. We all have a .net class coming up
I'll be back to get some other stuff too. Thank you so much

Johann came back and bought Visual Studio Pro 2013 on Mar 20, 2015:
Key worked!

Johann activated Windows 8.1 Pro on Mar 19, 2015:
Windows is activated

McKensie activated Adobe CS6 Master Collection and Lightroom 5 for Mac on Mar 18, 2015:
Yes, both activated. Thank you!

Chase activated Windows 8.1 Pro on Mar 16, 2015:
Thank you Daniel for all your effort. This last one worked like a charm! Take care, and know that I'll use your business as needed in the future, as well as recommend you to friends and family.

Rachel activated Office Pro Plus 2013 on Mar 16, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
Just to say I have now activated it and it all installed just fine. Thank you very much!
Best wishes,

Sanjay activated Project Pro 2013 on Mar 16, 2015:
Many thanks, Daniel, the new key worked and my copy is activated.
I recommended your site to a colleague. She might purchase a copy as well.

Hiren activated Visual Studio Pro 2013 on Mar 15, 2015:
Thanks so much for you kindness and patience. You were correct! You are the best. I'm so glad I found your site; I plan to order more when the time comes. Wishing you all the best with your business!

Gavin activated Project Pro 2013 on Mar 10, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
The Project 2013 Activated correctly with no issues just needed a restart of the application.
Thanks a lot.
Kind regards,

Gregory activated Visual Studio Pro 2013 on Mar 9, 2015:
Looks good... That's awesome. Thanks Dan

Elizabeth activated Windows 7 Pro on Mar 8, 2015:
I just activated windows. All seems great. Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks

Sean activated Windows 7 Pro on Mar 7, 2015:
Windows activated and is working great.
Thank you very much,

Gerald activated Master Collection CS6 for Mac on Mar 2, 2015:
The programs are installed an activated

Ernesto activated Adobe Arobat XI Pro for Win on Mar 2, 2015:
Adobe activiated like it was supposed to.

Aksel from AUS activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on Feb 28, 2015:
YES. It worked! Thanks so much for all your help, I'm so glad you turned out to be not only a genuine seller but really helpful and patient as well. I'm so pleased with this service.

Fred activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on Feb 27, 2015:
It worked well, thanks Dan.

Peter activated Windows 7 Pro on Feb 27, 2015:
Installation and activation was successful! Thanks,

Etienne activated Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 on Feb 23, 2015:
Goodmorning Daniel,
Everything is working like a charm! Thanks for help
I am very happy with extra functionalities!!
I have allready recommended you with 2 other developers, keep up the great work!
With best regards,

James from AU activated Project Pro 2013 on Feb 20, 2015:
Hi Daniel,
It activated fine thanks, all good.
Regards, James

Andrew came back and bought 2x Office 2013 Pro on Feb 18, 2015:
Everything looks good with these.
Need one more.. send me the invoice.

Nick came back and bought Windows 8.1 Pro on Feb 15, 2015:
Hey Dan
Hope things are well, key works great, thank you for your service and site, it’s the best and I will keep coming back.
Thank You

Dan: Thank you very much Nick! :) You are always welcome in my Gift Shop at the corner of Internet street :)

Vince came back and bought Office 2013 Pro on Feb 15, 2015: Activated his key over phone
Everything went fine. Thanks for your support.

Kelly activated Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium on Feb 9, 2015: 1st key didn't activate, I replaced it and it worked
Hi Daniel,
It did activate.
Thank you so much!
Kelly S.

Cliff came back to buy Windows 7 Pro on Feb 11, 2015:
Hi Dan,
It worked.

Moara from Barzil activated Visio 2013 Pro on Feb 10, 2015:
Hello Dan,
It activated fine. If I have any problem, I’ll let you know.

Vince activated Visual Studio Pro 2013 on Feb 11, 2015:
Daniel – Everything is working properly. The software activated with no problem. Thanks much for your quick response and we’re back on track.

Kristie from UK activated Office 2013 Pro on Feb 27, 2015:
Looks like it installed properly.

George activated Visial Studio Pro 2013 on Feb 8, 2015:
Activated with no problems.
I’ll be back later for Adobe Creative Suite.

Greg activated Visio Pro 2013. 1st key didn't work, I replaced it. Feb 8, 2015:
Worked! Thanks Dan!

Danovan activated Windows Server 2012 R2 on Feb 8, 2015:
Sorry for the late reply, yes the key works perfectly. Thank you.

Czeslaw from Poland activated Office 2013 Pro on Feb 8, 2015:
Good Morning Dan,
Activation was successful.
Thank you,

Dan : Excellent!

Susan activated Master Collection for Mac on Feb 4, 2015:
All went smoothly with the download and installation - thank you SO MUCH!
You have been a God send!
I would like to buy office mac too now! :)

Scott activated Office 2011 for Mac on Feb 2, 2015:
It worked. Thanks.

Jordan installed Windows 7 Pro and Office 2013 Pro on his laptop on Jan 31, 2015:
Hello Daniel,

I wanted to let you know that it's been an amazing experience. I can hardly believe it myself when I say that less than 48 hours after my purchase, I am now the proud owner of a brand new laptop with Windows 7 Pro installed and customized just the way I like it.
I have also just activated the Office Pro 2013 without a hitch!
Thanks again for the amazing deal and exceptional customer service!


Dan : This is why I do it guys! It makes me happy :)

Ken activated his own DVD of Windows 7 Pro with my key on Jan 29, 2015:
thanks Daniel - I will. you are really the real deal,
thanks for all the help. you stand behind your software

David came back for Office 2013 Pro on Jan 27, 2015:
Hello Dan,
This Office Pro activated successfully using the 64 bit link you provided.
Thanks once again for the excellent service.
Dave F.

Ivan activated Adobe CS6 Master Collection for Mac on Jan 27, 2015:
The second key worked. I was able to install on the desktop and the laptop as well. All the upgrades went smoothly and as far as I can tell there are no issues. I am ready to do some work.

Tom activated Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard on Jan 26, 2015:
Loaded & activated successfully this morning - many thanks!

Jack activated Office 2013 Pro on Jan 24, 2015:
Worked like a charm, You are awesome, will let others know about you and have already favorited your gift shop for future purchases.
Thank you very much, you are both friendly and extremely reasonable with prices and customer service, Best of luck to you and your business!

Sylesh activated Windows Server 2012 R2 on Jan 22, 2015:
Yes this key did work.
Thanks again for your quick support and email reply.

Jonathan activated Office 2010 on Jan 22, 2015. 1st key didn't work, I replaced it:
Worked great. Thanks!

David activated Visual Studio 2013 Pro on Jan 18, 2015:
Hello Dan,
I got a "Product Key Applied" message in my Account Settings
and have used the editor a bit - looks like all is good here.
Thanks for the promptness and for the service you are providing. This is my first purchase at DanArou but your website is now my first choice when looking for software.
Dave F.

Robert came back and bought Windows 8.1 Pro on Jan 16, 2015:
Thanks Dan my win 8.1 pro activated
Sent from my iPhone

Jose activated Visio Pro 2013 on Jan 13, 2015:
Worked perfectly!

15x Project Pro and 5x Office 2013 activated by small business Jan 12, 2015:
Hi Dan,
It worked! You saved me a lot of grief.

Berlin came back and bought Windows 7 Ultimate, activated on Jan 11, 2015:
Hello Dan,
Activated successfully!
Thank you!

Jesus activated Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on Jan 7, 2015:
Windows server key Activated successfully. Thanks again!

Nick activated Visio Pro 2013 on Dec 29, 2014:

Hello Dan
The key worked with no issues, thank you

Robert activated Windows Server 2012 R2 on Dec 26, 2014:

Thanks Dan my server 2012r2 activated successfully.

Duncan activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on Dec 25, 2014:

Brilliant.  All seems to be activated and working well.
Thanks very much, you have an excellent business model.  I hope it goes well for you.

Randy came back and bought Office 2013 Pro Plus on Dec 24, 2014:

Activated Successfully.
Thank you

Joseph activated MS Visio Pro 2013 on Dec 20, 2014:

I was able to install and activate my product without any problems. Thank you!

Berlin came back and bought Adobe Design and Web Premium CS6. 1st key didn't activate, my supplier issued 2nd key and it activated fine on Nov 29, 2014:

Hey there again I was able to validate thank much!!

Jeff activated Microsoft Project Pro and Visio Pro 2013 on Nov 26, 2014:

(03:46:53) Jeff: the ms project has been installed and activated.
(04:05:30) Jeff: Daniel I hv installed the visio software and it works great. thanks buddy.

Samuel activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on Nov 23, 2014:

Downloaded and installed. Key input. Appears to be working fine. Thank you Daniel.

Randy activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on Nov 25, 2014:

Dan Arou, The product activated successfully. Thank you very much.

Adam came back to buy 2x Office 2011 for Mac and confirmed activation on Nov 18, 2014:

Adam: Hi DAN
Adam: Project works great man
Daniel: Hi Adam!
Daniel: I am glad :)
Adam: I'm coming back for more, you know you're my fav online biz
Daniel: I bought one for myself too earlier
Daniel: Yes! Glad to hear! Welcome back :)
Adam: I'm looking for microsoft office suite for Mac
Adam: just confirm it has the outlook email platform
Daniel: Yes, Outlook is included into it for sure
Daniel: I bought it myself last year
Adam: excellent
Adam: how much for 1
Daniel: Tell me, are you Ok with $80, tell me your price.
Adam: How about I buy 2, for $130
Daniel: Deal
Adam: great
Daniel: Let me change the price
Daniel: I set it $130, but it is for 2x Office for Mac, not 1, even though it doesn't say it
Daniel: I can change the title too if you want
Adam: I trust you
Daniel: Thank you,
Daniel: for sure I will buy 2 keys for you

Adam confirmed later on:
installed and activated! Cheers!


Adam came back to buy Project Pro 2013 and confirmed activation of his key on Nov 16, 2014:

It works!

Gaetan came back and bought Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and confirmed activation on Nov 24, 2014:

Thank you, it looks like all worked fine!
After the download and installation, I entered the license key and it is now activated and licensed to "Windows User".

Mikhail confirmed activation of Visual Studio Pro 2013 on Nov 18, 2014:

It says "License: Product key applied"
I guess that's how it's done in this version
Thanks again Daniel

Sarah confirmed activation of Adobe Master Collection CS6 on Nov 20, 2014. The first key didn't activate, I replaced it with a new one:

Hi Dan I just tried it and it worked! Hopefully it'll work on my second pc when I get that back up and running. I'll let you know if I have any problems.

Everything is working great! Thanks so much for having a more affordable option for these programs. I'm a small scale artist and designer and video editing is an occasional hobby so it really helps.


Jim activated Office 2013 Pro Plus with the replacement key that I provided after the first key didn't activate, because he tried it 9 months after purchase. Nov 6, 2014:

Worked great. Thank you for the help.

A Small Business in activated Visual Studio 2013 Pro on Nov 5, 2014

-----Original Message-----
So did it activate fine?

Donna activated Adobe CS6 Master Collection on Oct 26, 2014

Everything seems to be ok, I entered the key and it appears to have been accepted.
I had to install adobe update manager, which is now updating via creative cloud, they are currently updating.


A Small Business in activated Visual Studio 2013 Pro on Oct 19, 2014

Thanks Dan…It worked and it is legitimate!!! I will let you know of our needs as they come up!


A Small Business from Bahamas activated Office 2013 Pro Plus for 5 PCs on Sept 5, 2014

Hi Dan, 
I successfully activated my office installs. Thanks very much. 200% satisfied and i will be a repeat customer!


Brandon activated Office 2013 Pro Plus:

4:58 PM
Hey! I managed to get it working last night!
4:58 PM
What did you do?

5:00 PM
The trail that I had previously was never activated so I didn't have to download the program again I just had to put in the serial.


(Honestly guys, there is no better guarantee that I sell software than the phrase above...)

11:17 PM
I'm not looking to purchase anything but I clicked this link randomly through internet venture. I just wanted to say it was better than I expected. Good website and your on for support when ever you can. Also you offer a wide range of services.


10:50 PM
Its Vanessa, just letting you know that Margaret has downloaded and installed and activated her copy of office.
10:51 PM
Thank you once again for your help, will be in touch again son


8:46 PM
Thank You so much for all your help. I will enter that now. Thanks Daniel. I think everything is ok now. Again, thank you for your help. Margaret



2:52 AM
I have entered the 1st number and it is no longer saying I need to activate so I guess it has activated. Not sure how I check to see this ot how to see what version but it looks good
2:52 AM
Here is how to check
Open a word doc
in word 2013
File | Account
2:53 AM
Ok I have just done this and it says it is activated so all good.



we still have to wait for my distributor to send me the key, and it takes time.
how long does distributor take? hours? days?
~2 hours usually
I placed the order
they will ask me to pay now
and then issue the key
that's actually a proof that it's
and that I am not generating the keys here
everything cool
7:51 PM
yeah, thanks. I am glad, you know.
It's a small interesting business, lets me talk to people.
it's Fun
yes I like it alot I think it's amazing actually
7:52 PM
thank you :)
7:52 PM
I really love it
7:52 PM
Nobody does it this way, right?
nobody talks to people anymore
They act like : "just buy and get lost" :)
7:53 PM
this is how it should be done



Jason activated Photoshop CS6 for Mac downloaded from Adobe site:

Jason12:16 AM
it activated perfectly.
Jason12:17 AM
i signed in with my adobe account and everything

Valerie from Canada activated Office for Mac 2011:

2:03 PM
Here is your key:
[I removed the key from comments for obvious reasons]
confirm to me that it activated fine
2:05 PM
It worked. thanks so much daniel
2:05 PM


Normand from Canada activated Windows 7 Ultimate:

Tout fonctionne comme prévu.

Hans from Canada activated Office 2013 Pro Plus:

Hi Daniel
It’s all good.

Ronald from Philipines activated Adobe Design and Web Premium CS6 for Mac:

Yes. Installed perfectly. Sorry. Im out and could only answer by mail.
I'm going to use it tonight for a new project.
Thanks again.  Ill probably go back and buy another stuff.


Julie from Canada activated Adobe Design and Web Premium CS6 for Mac:

Hi Daniel,
It's installed and it works.
I was able to activate the software on my desktop and laptop and successfully registered it with my Adobe ID Thank you! Now I just have to get used to the new interface.

Ronald from Philipines activated Adobe Captivate 8 for Mac:

Hi Daniel,
I tried to catch you online to thank you for the key.
In any case, I was able to use the Key.  I already downloaded a trial version lat week and was able to activate it without problems.
Thank you and all the best to your business.

Glenn from Australia activated Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Mac:

Dan Arou 19:54 (35 minutes ago)
Is everything Ok? Did you activate it?

Glenn 19:56 (32 minutes ago)
all Ok thanks very much mate

Steve from Belgium activated Office 2011 for Mac on Jul 18, 2014:

5:48 PM
Just installed MS office for mac. The license is great, no problems. Thanks.

Anand from India activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on USB stick on Jul 17, 2014:

Hello Dan-
Key activated successfully. Thanks for all your help

Trevor from Canada activated Visio 2013 Pro on Jul 28, 2014:

Activated and works good. Appreciate the help! 


Philip activated Office 2011 for Mac on Aug 3, 2014:


Product activated fine and is able to receive updates. Look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

John from Netherlands activated Adobe Acrobat XI PRO for Mac on Aug 9, 2014:

Hi Daniel,
I activated my trial version with the key. Restarted the computer. All seems to be working fine. Thanks,

Gr John

Lisa activated Adobe Acrobat XI PRO for Mac on Aug 28, 2014

Activated my trial without any issues, Thanks!

A Small Business activated Office 2013 Pro Plus for 5 PCs on Aug 29, 2014

thanks Dan, I installed it on 2 machines so far. I will probably get adobe and other software later
you will be my software vendor of choice

Tom activated Visual Studio 2013 Professional on Aug 29, 2014

Yes.  It’s working great (visual studio).  Thank you Dan

So don't worry, buy with confidence! I am here to help!